How To Automatically Pause VLC Player On Minimizing

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surgeprice.display("ihaveapc.com_336x280_abovepost"); VLC Player has a setting for automatically pausing video/audio files whenever it is minimized. This is a useful feature when switching between tasks or in case of interruption. Here is how to enable it : Go to Tools > PreferencesIn the Interface section, enable the tick mark next to “Pause playback when minimized”.That’s...

How To Play Multiple Audio And Video Files Simultaneously In VLC Player

VLC player by default allows only one multimedia file at a time to be opened and played in Windows. What this means is that if there are one or more video/audio files that need to be opened, they can’t be played simultaneously. The video/audio file that is currently being played will be replaced by the other one opened after that.This is because VLC player limits the default instance to just...

How To Automatically Take Screenshots In VLC Player

Automatic screencaps in VLC
One of the earlier posts explained how to take screenshots in VLC player. Now to do the same automatically : 1.Open VLC player and go to Tools > Preferences.2. At the bottom left of column, select “All” from “Settings”.3. Drill down to Video > Output Modules > Scene Filter, check that “Recording ratio” is set to 50 or any smaller number, also if desired,...

How To Change The Video Screenshots Directory In VLC Player

The video screenshots taken by default in VLC player are stored in the Users\username\My Pictures folder. (To know how to take screenshots of video in VLC, refer to this earlier post. ) Here is how to change the location at which they can be automatically stored : 1. Open VLC player and select Tools > Preferences.2. From the “Video” tab, under “Video snapshots”, select...

How To Change The Menu Interface Language In VLC Player

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The popular VLC media player by default comes with English as the interface language. Here is how to change it to a language of your choice : 1. Open Tools > Preferences.2. Under the Interface section, select a preferred language from the drop down box next to option of “Menus language”.3. After selecting, hit Save. The change would take place on restarting VLC player with the menu...

How To Take Video Screenshots In VLC Player

Here is how to take screenshots of videos when using VLC player : 1. Enable Advanced Controls by selecting View > Advanced Controls.2. Click the camera icon from the enabled Advanced Control bar that is displayed.The screenshots by default will be stored in the Users\username\My Pictures folder.Happy snapping!