Create Custom Bookmarks In VLC Player For Video & Audio Files

VLC player can set bookmarks for audio and video files being played. This is useful when you want to watch or listen again to a specific portion of video or audio track.

Setting these bookmarks is simple. Here is how :

Open the audio/video file to be played and then choose Playback > Custom Bookmarks.

vlc playback settings

Then select Manage. Or directly use Ctrl+B shortcut.

By default, the bookmarks list will be empty. To set bookmark for a particular scene or audio track, click Create. This will add that time sequence as a bookmark.

adding a custom bookmark in vlc player

Now whenever you want to revisit it, simply load/double click that bookmark. The added bookmarks can also be deleted as needed.

Multiple bookmarks for a single audio/video file can also be created.

adding multiple bookmarks for a single video file in vlc player

The bookmarks though will be active as long as the selected audio/video file is open.

This is useful when watching movies and you’d need to watch interesting scenes again by going back.

Happy viewing/listening.



  1. run 3 says:

    The article is great, the instructions are very specific.