Add Different Effects To Video Playback In VLC Player

VLC player comes with a bunch of cool effects that can be added to a video playback.

Here is how to enable them :

From the main interface, go to Tools > Effects and Filters.

Choosing effects and filters settings in VLC player

Then, under the Video Effects tab, scroll right to the Advanced tab. Here, there will be various effects that can be added to a video like Motion detect, Water effect, Psychedelic and so on.

List of video effects supported by VLC player

The video with Psychedelic and Water effect will look something like this :

VLC video playback with water and psychedelic effects enabled

When the Mirror effect is enabled :

Enabling Mirror effect for VLC video playback

The original video now will have a mirror reflection.

original video playback without Mirror effect

video playback with Mirror effect

Other cool effects like Spatial blur will smoothen the video playback :

spatial blur enabled for VLC video playback

VLC video playback that has spatial blur turned on

Try out all these effects, they can be useful and  fun too.


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