KingSoft Office 2012: A Free Office Suite For Windows

Here’s how to get KingSoft Office 2012: a free office suite for Windows: 1. Go to and click on ‘Download’ to save ‘office_suite_free_2012.exe’ file on your PC. 2. Run the downloaded ‘office_suite_free_2012.exe’ file and install the office suite like any normal Windows application. To start the KingSoft Office 2012 applications,...

How To Quickly Generate List Of File Associations From Windows Command Prompt

assoc.txt - list of file associations
Here’s how to quickly generate list of file associations from Windows command prompt: 1. At the command prompt, type the following command – assoc > assoc.txt 2. Open the ‘assoc.txt’ to view the list of file associations –  

How To Save Encrypted DVDs As ISO Images In Windows

BDlot DVD ISO Master
Here’s how to save encrypted DVDs as ISO images in Windows: 1. Go to and download the ‘BDlot DVD ISO Master’ software which is a freeware. 2. After the ‘’ file has been downloaded, install the ‘BDlot DVD ISO Master’ like a regular Windows application. Now double click the ‘BDlot DVD ISO Master’...

How To Quickly Search For A File From Command Prompt In Windows

Command Prompt Search in Windows
Here’s how to quickly search for a file from command prompt in Windows: 1. Issue the following command at the command prompt – dir <drive letter>\ /s /b | find “<file name to be searched>” In our case, we wanted to search for a file named ‘mdi.chm’ in C: drive, hence we issued the following command – dir C:\ /s /b | find “mdi.chm” As...

Ubuntu Skin Pack For Windows XP SP3

Ubuntu Skin Pack 4.0 for Windows XP SP3 - Transformed Desktop
Here’s how to install and use Ubuntu Skin Pack for Windows XP SP3: 1. Go to and click ‘Download File’ and save the ‘’ file on your PC. 2. Extract the contents of the downloaded *.zip file and run the ‘Ubuntu Skin Pack 4.0.exe’ file. 3. Click...

Free Giveaway : BDlot Video Converter

BDlot Video Converter logo
LotSoft Inc has launched a free giveaway of BDlot Video Converter v2.2.5 for all. This is a time limited giveaway valid till 10th September 2011. Each license is worth $29.95, and everybody gets it for free! So hurry up and follow the following steps to get the free license – 1. Go here, click on ‘Download’ and save the ‘’ file to your PC. 2....