KingSoft Office 2012: A Free Office Suite For Windows

Here’s how to get KingSoft Office 2012: a free office suite for Windows:

1. Go to and click on ‘Download’ to save ‘office_suite_free_2012.exe’ file on your PC.

KingSoft Office Suite 2012 Download Page

2. Run the downloaded ‘office_suite_free_2012.exe’ file and install the office suite like any normal Windows application. To start the KingSoft Office 2012 applications, go to, ‘Menu>All Programs>Kingsoft Office’.

KingSoft Office Suite 2012 In The Windows 7 Start Menu

3. Use ‘KingSoft Write 2012’ for reading / editing word documents –

KingSoft Write 2012

4. Use ‘KingSoft Spreadsheets 2012’ for reading / editing spreadsheets –

KingSoft Spreadsheets 2012

5. Use ‘KingSoft Presentation 2012’ for reading / editing presentations –

KingSoft Presentation 2012


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