How to Turn off Copilot in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now automatically includes Copilot in the sidebar alongside other existing apps like Shopping, Tools, Games and more.

Also, Copilot is set to open automatically in the sidebar and analyze your web content to provide various suggestions.

Copilot is enabled by default in Edge sidebar

If this seems intrusive and makes browsing cluttered, you can turn off Copilot from the Edge sidebar.

Here is how to do that:

Open Edge and access the sidebar settings:

accessing Edge sidebar settings

From the App specific settings list, click on Copilot.

App specific settings for Edge sidebar

To turn off auto-opening of Copilot, toggle the option Automatically open Copilot in the sidebar.

Copilot sidebar settings in Edge

To remove Copilot from the sidebar, toggle the option Show Copilot.

Toggling Copilot in Edge sidebar requires a browser restart

You will need to restart Edge for these changes to take effect. Upon restarting, Copilot will not be visible in the Edge sidebar.

Edge sidebar without Copilot

You can toggle it back on if needed, a restart will be necessary again for this.

Happy browsing.

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