How To Enable The Games Sidebar In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser has the Surf game which you can directly launch and play in it. It also has a Games sidebar that has many HTML5 games by Microsoft which can be played within the browser. The Games button for this sidebar is not enabled by default in Edge.

To enable it, access the settings by typing in the address bar:


accessing Edge settings

Then enable the Games button option.

enable the Games button in Edge

It will now be visible.

Games button in Edge browser

Click on it to load the Games sidebar. There will be different categories of games to choose from like Arcade, Strategy, and so on.

Games sidebar in Edge

Click on the categories to view the list of available games.

Different categories of games in Edge

On selecting a game, it will directly load in the active Edge tab. Click on the PLAY NOW button to begin.

accessing a game in Edge browser

Microsoft Crosswords game

Follow the on-screen instructions for different games to get familiar with the gameplay and the instructions/tutorials.

Totemia Cursed Marbles game in Edge browser

Happy gaming.

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