How To Manage Email Subscriptions In has a feature of managing subscriptions for the emails you receive as well as blocking senders. This is useful in directly opting out of email lists that are of no use.

Here is how to use it:

Login to the web version of

Click on the gear icon and choose View all Outlook settings from the bottom.

accessing settings

open settings page

Next, go to Mail and then select Subscriptions.

configuring Subscriptions settings in

There will be an entire list of senders from which you receive emails.

A list of current email subscriptions in

To stop receiving messages from them, click Unsubscribe.

unsubscribing from email lists in

Depending on the sender selected, there can be an opt-out window from which you would be unsubscribed or it would be done directly.

opt-out page that will unsubscribe receiver automatically in

The senders that are unsubscribed from will now no longer be visible in the subscription list. Also, to block specific senders, click on the dot icon next to Unsubscribe and choose Block senders.

You can also take a look at the list of senders that you have opted out of receiving emails by scrolling down, they will be displayed in Lists you’ve unsubscribed from.

a list of unsubscribed email lists in

These too can be blocked if needed.

All done.

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