How To Add Workspaces In Ubuntu 19.04 And Change The Dock Position

Having multiple workspaces can be easier to manage as you can reduce clutter when working. (To add workspaces when using Linux Mint 19, here is an earlier article that explains it).

Adding workspaces in Ubuntu 19.04:

Here is how to add multiple workspaces in Ubuntu 19.04:

Click on Activities tab. This will bring up a vertical sidebar on the right. That is the workspace selector.

adding workspaces in Ubuntu 19.04

To add a new workspace, simply drag drop new applications or open windows from the current workspace on top of the workspace selector.

adding different apps to workspaces in Ubuntu 19.04

A dot icon will pop up indicating that a new workspace will be added. The new workspace will now be visible.

multiple workspaces in Ubuntu 19.04

You can add multiple workspaces by dragging and dropping windows and applications over the existing workspace windows. Also, the orange strip next to the workspace selector window indicates the currently active workspace.

Changing The Dock Position:

To change the default dock position that is set as left sidebar :

Access Settings either by searching from Ubuntu Dash or using keyboard shortcuts if any.

accessing Settings in Ubuntu 19.04

Alternatively, you can also click on the power icon on top right corner and click the gear icon.

alternate way to launch Settings in Ubuntu 19.04

Choose Dock and from the drop-down menu for Position on screen, change it to either bottom or right as needed.

configuring Dock options in Ubuntu 19.04

You can also automatically hide the dock when any open window overlaps it to maximize screen space. Enable Auto-hide the Dock option for that if needed.

Dock position set to bottom in Ubuntu 19.04

These dock changes will be visible immediately in all the existing workspaces.

All done.

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