How To Add Workspaces In Linux Mint 19

Adding workspaces in Linux Mint 19 expands the available desktop area to fit in more open applications and also keeping them organized.

Just like virtual desktops in Windows 10, Linux Mint 19 can have additional workspaces.

Here is how to add them :

Right click on the panel and click Panel > Add New Items.

adding new items to Linux Mint panel

Scroll down to Workspace Switcher and choose Add.

adding Workspace Switcher to Linux Mint panel

This will add the default workspace view, Linux Mint 19 by default has 4 workspaces.

default workspace view in Linux Mint 19

To move an open program or application to a different workspace, right click on it from the panel and select Move to Another Workspace.

moving windows and open applications to another workspace in linux mint 19

Doing this can be useful as different workspaces can be used (like a workspace which has email, another which has documents and so on).

Also, the number of workspaces can be increased from the default of 4. To do this, right click on the workspace area and select Workspace Settings.

accessing workspace settings in linux mint 19

Here, from the General tab, increase or decrease the workspaces as needed, the minimum being 1. You can also rename them by double clicking and entering a name.

adding and renaming workspaces in linux mint 19

Also, layout can be configured using the Margins tab.

changing layout of workspaces in linux mint 19

Overall, this is a cool feature to increase productivity and also reduce clutter from the default panel in Linux Mint 19.

  1. Good and useful tip, thank you for such sahring. Will test it today. Continue working in the same way becasue your explanation together with screens can be really helpful in most situations.

  2. cedric says:

    No idea where to do the right click…