Twitter V/s Fire Safety

Fire safety vs tweeting
When warning signs like these are put you know Tweeting is addictive and hazardous to health. 馃檪

Twitter Outage V/s Birth Rate

Twitter outage and birth rate
Relationship between Twitter outage and increase in birth rate. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : Eatwatchrun ]

Tweeting Explained : Funny

Funny Twitter birds
Tweeting for real. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : Crazytown Mayor]

When Twitter Addicts Die

Here is what happens when Twitter addicts die.聽 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : Spleeness ]

Twitter Unfollowers!

Twitter unfollowers 馃槈

Twitter In Real Life

Twitter and the follow-back fun 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : ]