Different Kinds Of Twitter Updates : Funny

Different kinds of Twitter updates : funny
Accurate indeed. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]

Twitter For Birds : Funny

Twitter For Birds : Funny
The tweets are actual tweets. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : Lolzombie ]

Moods Of A Twitter User : Explained

Emotions of a Twitter user
Makes for some interesting tweets. 馃檪

Twitter Updates Explained

Tweets on Twitter explained
True for most part. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ] 聽

Twitter Love Explained

Twitter love explained
Here it is. 馃檪 [Image courtesy : Webdesignerdepot ]

How Software Engineers Use Twitter

Twitter for software engineers
Here is how tweeting is done by software engineers. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : Brainstuck ]