Organize And Share Ideas Using Pinboards In Opera Browser

Opera has a useful feature called Pinboards. With this feature, you can pin images, websites, and links to different boards which can then be shared with anyone. All of this does not need any account or external service to use.

Creating Pinboards:

Here is how to use it:

Click on the Pinboards icon next to the Opera address bar.

Pinboards icon in Opera

Alternatively, from the Opera menu, choose Pinboards.

Pinboards from Opera menu

This will launch the Pinboards space.

Pinboards in Opera

To add a new board, click on New pinboard.

adding a new pinboard

Then, name it as needed.

New pinboard space

Adding pins to Pinboards:


Websites, images, and URLs can be pinned to the Pinboards.

To add a website, click on the Pinboards icon next to the address bar. From the dropdown menu, choose the board to which it needs to be pinned. Then click on Add to complete.

adding websites to opera pinboards

Similarly, to add images and URLs from webpages as pins, right-click on them and select Send image to Pinboards or Send link to Pinboards.

saving images to pinboards

saving links to opera pinboards

Also, open tabs too can be added as Pinboards. Click on the Add tabs button and then choose from the list of open tabs to be pinned.

adding open tabs

You can also copy, share, remove or change Pinboards and their default image by clicking on the dots icon next to them.

copying boards and removing them

To delete added pins, hover on them and choose Edit or Remove.

deleting and editing pins

Sharing Pinboards:

To share the added pins from Pinboards, click on the Share button.

sharing pinboards

It will generate a publicly shareable link for that board.

sharing pinboards

So anyone can then access the pinboard through that link in any browser without signing up.

opening shared pinboards

Also, the appearance of the pinboards too can be changed. Click on the Appearance button and then change the layout and background as needed.

appearance settings It is a helpful Opera feature if you would like to share and organize ideas and information. Create different boards for various topics and directly share them as needed.

All done.


  1. David says:

    Is it possible for someone to edit a shared pinboard. eg if I share a pinboard with a friend can they add to it or delete from it?

  2. Jeremy says:

    Is there a way to export your pinboard data?