AutoPlay YouTube Videos In HD With This Firefox Add-on

YouTube High Definition is a Firefox add-on that can automatically play YouTube videos in HD. This is useful when you want to watch in HD by default without needing to change the quality for different YouTube videos.

Download and install YouTube High Definition from the Firefox add-ons page here.

YouTube High Definition Firefox add-on


Once installed, it will be available next to the address bar.

YouTube High Definition add-on iconDifferent playback settings can be changed for YouTube by clicking this add-on icon.

various settings in YouTube High Definition add-on

Video and audio playback settings:

To change the video quality, click on the Video Quality drop-down.

changing video quality settings using YouTube High Definition

Various formats for video playback like 4K, HD, Large, and so on will be available to choose from.

To play the YouTube videos in full view, select from the Video Size menu.

changing video size in YouTube High Definition add-on

You can also set the default playback speed for the videos to speed them up or slow them down. This can be done through the Video Speed section.

changing the video playback speed in YouTube High Definition add-on

To auto-play the videos with a specific volume level or play them as muted, change these settings from the Volume section.

changing the volume levels inYouTube High Definition add-on

Other settings:

Other settings like automatically playing or pausing the next video on YouTube can be changed from here.

changing the autoplay settings in YouTube High Definition add-on

You can also enable or disable auto-playing of suggested videos.

Embedded videos in various websites can also be set to auto-play from the Embedded Video section. 

embedded video playback settings in YouTube High Definition add-on

Another useful feature is to auto-expand the video description box from the Generic section. It will automatically show the full description of the YouTube videos without having to click and expand every time to read it.

This is a simple and useful add-on for making YouTube playback a lot better.


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