How To Change The Menu And Interface Language In Firefox

Firefox interface, menu, and notifications can be viewed in different languages just like that in the Edge browser.

Here is how to change the menu and interface language in Firefox:

Go to Tools > Options.

accessing Firefox options

Alternatively, type in the address bar:


accessing Firefox options from the address bar

Scroll down to the Language section. Click on Set Alternatives to select a different language.

Language settings in Firefox

You can also directly search for languages by clicking on the default language drop-down menu.

searching for different languages to be added in Firefox

This will launch the Firefox Language Settings page. Over here click on Add to add the interface language.

adding a language in Firefox

You can also change the order of languages by moving them up or down in the list. Click OK to confirm.

changing the order of added languages in Firefox

Firefox will need to be restarted for these language changes to take place. Click Apply and Restart.

restarting Firefox to apply the language changes

Once restarted, menus, preferences, and notifications will now be displayed in the different language that was added.

Firefox menu displayed in a different language

Firefox preferences displayed in a different language

All done.

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