Select Multiple Hyperlinks And Directly Open Them In New Tabs With This Firefox Add-on

Snap Links Plus is a Firefox add-on for opening various hyperlinks in one go. What it does is allow you to select different URLs on a webpage and then open them directly in separate tabs instead of individually clicking on each of them.

Download and install it from here.

Snap Links Plus Firefox add-on homepage

Click Add to finish the installation.

installing Snap Links Plus add-on in Firefox

Once installed, there will be a quick tutorial that explains what it can do.

Snap Links Plus quick tutorial

Besides the hyperlinks on webpages, it can also be used to select other web items like radio buttons, checkboxes and more.

Using Snap Links Plus is simple. To select multiple hyperlinks, hold the right mouse button and draw a rectangle around the region where these hyperlinks are.

selecting links to open in new tabs using Snap Links Plus

The selection will show the total number of links that are selected. Then release the right-mouse button. All the selected hyperlinks will open in new tabs in the background.

Also, you can copy multiple hyperlinks to a text document or in the clipboard. To do that, hold the right-mouse button as before and then press the Ctrl key.

selecting links to copy paste using Snap Links Plus

These hyperlinks that are included using the selection can then be directly copy-pasted.

pasting mutliple links selected using Snap Links Plus

This is a time saver when you need to copy a lot of hyperlinks from webpages to documents, it can be done in one go.

To change the default controls for Snap Links, click on Tools > Add-ons.

accessing Firefox add-on options

Then choose Options from the ellipsis button next to Snap Links in the listed add-ons.

configuring Snap Links Plus options

From the Options menu, change the controls if needed (the default though are easy to use and remember).

changing Snap Links Plus default controls and tab settings for opening links

You can also change the delay in opening new tabs as well as change the focus to the new tabs that are opened.

customizing default controls for Snap Links Plus

Overall, this is an easy to use Firefox add-on when interacting with different web elements especially hyperlinks in a webpage.

Happy surfing.

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