How To Customize Quick Actions In

Quick actions in can make replying to messages, sorting messages in inbox and composing messages a lot quicker through icons for each of these tasks. quick actions

So these are essentially shortcuts to various tasks related to messages. They include moving messages to different folders, replying to sender/all, flagging them and so on.

Here is how to configure them:

Open and click the gear icon. Then choose View all Outlook settings.

accessing settings

The Customize actions section will have three parts to it:

Quick actions, Message surface and Toolbar

configuring quick actions in

Quick actions:

These are visible right from the inbox when you hover the mouse pointer next to the message.

hovering mouse pointer near message in inbox to display quick actions

You can add or remove existing quick actions like deleting, archiving, pinning, moving to a folder and so on.

configuring quick actions for inbox

Also, only 4 quick actions can be active at a time.

error when number of quick actions selected greater than 4 in

Choose the necessary actions which you use the most and save the changes.

Message surface:

These quick actions are available after clicking a message to read and are also visible in the preview pane if that is enabled. quick actions for message surface

There are no limitations to adding the number of quick actions here.

configuring quick actions for message surface in

Add or remove various actions like Reply, Reply All, Forward, Create Rule, Print, Add to Safe senders and so on.


Toolbar quick actions are available when composing a message. Options of inserting pictures inline, using plain text to write, saving draft and others can be set from here.

configuring quick actions for toolbar for composing messages in

Save the changes by clicking on top of the Customize Actions section and go back to inbox.

added quick actions visible in

The required quick actions that were added will now be available to use when checking for messages, replying to them and composing new messages.

All done.

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