How To Setup VPN For Windows Phone

accessing Windows phone settings
surgeprice.display("ihaveapc.com_336x280_abovepost"); It can be productive to set up a VPN for Windows phone when needing to access work network or just to enhance online privacy. Setting it up is easy. Here is how : Access Windows phone settings and select VPN.Next, a profile needs to be created. This will include the various VPN connectivity related details like server IP address, type...

Take Screenshots In Windows 8 Without Installing Any External Screenshot Program

Windows 8 comes with a ready to use screenshot utility. This is the Snipping Tool. Using it is simple : The quick way to open it is to launch the Run box (Windows key + R) and type snippingtoolHowever, it is a better option to create a shortcut to Snipping Tool on Desktop so that it is quicker to access whenever needed. To do that : Right click on Desktop and select New>Shortcut.Hit Browse...

Match Navigation Bar With Accent Color In Windows Lumia Phone

The navigation bar in Windows Lumia phone can be customized so that it matches the accent color. By default, this option is turned off and the navigation bar color is set as always dark. But it can be changed. Here is how: Access Settings and choose navigation bar.Choose the option of match accent color.Restart the phone when prompted. The navigation bar will be now of same color as that of accent.All...

How To Display The Full Path Of Windows Folders In File Explorer

The complete folder path for Windows folders in title bar is turned off by default. It displays only the name of current folder.Here is how to display the full location of folders in Windows title bar : Go to Control Panel and choose Folder Options.Click on View tab and enable the option Display the full path in the title bar.Hit Ok to save these changes. From now on, the entire location of current...

Protect Against Keyloggers Using KeyScrambler In Windows

Malicious keyloggers can identify every keystroke that is entered and can exploit that information. Visiting harmful websites can also cause this if there is no active protection in place (like an updated antivirus application). KeyScrambler is a very useful and free Windows utility that will encrypt each and every keystroke that is entered in all the browsers and thereby defeat the purpose of keyloggers....

How To Delete Maps History In Lumia Phone

Maps application in Lumia phone stores previous searches and temporary files locally. These can be deleted if needed. Here is how : Go to Settings > Storage Sense.Choose the path to where Maps is installed.Next, tap “Manage”.Finally, choose “Delete history” to clear this data.All done.