Take Screenshots In Windows 8 Without Installing Any External Screenshot Program

Windows 8 comes with a ready to use screenshot utility. This is the Snipping Tool.

Using it is simple :

The quick way to open it is to launch the Run box (Windows key + R) and type snippingtool

open snippingtool from run box in Windows 8

However, it is a better option to create a shortcut to Snipping Tool on Desktop so that it is quicker to access whenever needed.

To do that :

Right click on Desktop and select New>Shortcut.

creating a shortcut for snippingtool in Windows 8

path to snipping tool in Windows 8

Hit Browse and navigate to Windows\System32\SnippingTool.exe

Create the shortcut on Desktop.

Windows 8 desktop shortcut for snipping tool

Using the tool is simple. To take a new screenshot, click on New. It basically offers four types of screenshot choices : Free-form, Rectangular, Window and Full-Screen.

taking a screenshot using snipping tool

The screenshots taken can be saved anywhere as needed and can be directly emailed too. (File>Send To)

saving screenshots taken using snipping tool

The gears icon in Snipping Tool is for configuring various options.

options in snipping tool

Overall, it gets the work done when basic screenshots are needed without using any external program. There are useful screenshot tools though which offer more functionalities and which are free to use like Greenshot or Screenshot Captor.

All done.


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