Create Easy To Remember Task Reminders Using RemindMe In Windows 8

RemindMe reminder on Windows 8 start screen
RemindMe is a free Windows 8 app that can be used to set reminder notifications quickly. To install it : 1. Go to Windows Store and using the charms function, search for “RemindMe”. 2. Install it. After installation, it will show up as a tile on Windows 8 start screen. To set new reminders, simply click the “+” button and type the name of reminder, it’s date, color and...

How To Fix Windows Boot Error After Uninstalling Linux Mint/Ubuntu In a Dual Boot System

Once Ubuntu / Linux Mint is installed along side with Windows and then it is removed, it may happen that booting into Windows after that  may no longer be possible. The boot process may end with a grub rescue prompt and no further activity can take place. To fix this, all we need to do is once again make Windows repair the Master Boot Record (MBR). For this : 1. Use the Windows install disc or setup,...

How To Run Android Apps On PC

BlueStacks App Player boot up
It can be a good idea to first test Android apps somewhere in a sandbox instead of installing them directly on the mobile devices like cellphones or tablets. Bluestacks is an Android emulator which is currently in beta and free to use which can run any of the available Android apps right from the PC. (Similar to what virtual machines do). There are also Bluestacks app players like

How To Defragment Specific Drives And Folders Using Defraggler

Defraggler is a free disk defragmenting tool that can analyze and defragment selected hard drives or even individual folders. Periodically, defragmentation is essential to keep drives in good shape and to allocate disk space more effeciently. Download it from here. Using it is pretty simple, just launch it and all the existing drives (both internal and external) will be displayed along with useful...

How To Restore Commonly Used Desktop Icons In Windows 8

After installing Windows 8, the common icons like Computer and Recycle Bin do not show up on the desktop by default. This can be confusing especially when adjusting to the new Windows UI (shiny, cool tiles 🙂 ), here is how to restore these common icons on the desktop : 1. From the Windows 8 UI, press Windows key + F (or the magnifying glass icon from the extreme right edge after moving the mouse...

Two Ways To Find Out Windows Version Info

Version info displayed through winver
Here are two quick ways to find out the Windows internal version number  : The 1st way : Open Windows command prompt and type : ver The 2nd way : Click on Windows orb and in search box, type : winver The popup displayed will also show the same version number which was found directly through the command prompt with info about service pack if installed. Cheers.