Quickly Rename And Change File Types Using Windows Command Prompt

For a file, there are two important components. First there is the file name and next is the file type (or the extension). So a file named support.doc will have the file name as “support” while it’s type as “doc” (MS Word format or any compatible document format). It can be useful to know how to use the Windows command prompt to directly rename files and change their extensions. For...

How To Always Open Windows Command Prompt With Administrator Privileges

Opening Windows Command Prompt
It can be annoying to always select the “Run as administrator” option when using the Windows command prompt to perform administrative tasks. Here is how to always launch the Windows command prompt with administrator privileges : 1. Select All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt and right click. Then select “Properties”. 2. Click on Shortcut tab and select Advanced. 3....

How To Quickly Generate A List Of All The Drivers From Windows Command Prompt

Here’s how to quickly generate a list of all the drivers from Windows command prompt: 1. Issue the following command at the Windows command prompt – driverquery 2. You will be presented with a list of all the drivers in the system –  

Quickly Check List Of Previous Commands In Windows

This one is for all of you Windows command prompt fans. When working with command prompt, it is often annoying to enter same command repeatedly. In order to avoid this, simply press F7 when using the prompt, if you had entered earlier commands during the open session, they will be displayed neatly as a list. Just move up and down with arrow keys and hit Enter to run your command. The other not so...