How To Quickly Find The Date And Time From Windows Command Prompt

Date and time from Windows command prompt with prompt
Here is how to quickly check the current date and time from Windows command prompt : 1. Open Windows command prompt (Click on Windows orb and type “cmd” in the search box). 2. Type : date/T time/T The same can be done by simply typing “date” and “time” but the display will prompt one to enter a new date and time if needed, hitting Enter would skip the process. Cheers.  

Quickly Recall And Reuse Previously Typed Commands At Windows Command Prompt

See and reuse previously entered commands at the Windows command prompt
When using the Windows command prompt, after typing a few commands in the current session  it may become tedious to type them again. To avoid this, here is a quick way to see previously entered commands at the command prompt : 1. Open command prompt and after issuing few commands, hit F7. 2. This shows the previous commands list, use the up and down arrow keys to select the desired command which...

How To Quickly Find Uptime Of A Windows PC

Finding Windows uptime
Here is a very quick way to find out about how long a particular Windows system has been running : 1. Open command prompt ( access it either by clicking the Windows orb > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt or by searching for command prompt in the “Search program and files” box that shows up on clicking the Windows orb. ) 2. At the command prompt, type net statistics server The...

How To Quickly Generate List Of File Associations From Windows Command Prompt

assoc.txt - list of file associations
Here’s how to quickly generate list of file associations from Windows command prompt: 1. At the command prompt, type the following command – assoc > assoc.txt 2. Open the ‘assoc.txt’ to view the list of file associations –