How To Delete Fonts In Windows 7

Deleting fonts in Windows 7
Here is how to remove unnecessary fonts in Windows 7 (keeping them will do no harm at all, but in case if specific fonts need to be deleted) : 1. Open Control Panel > Fonts. 2. Select the desired font from the list and delete it just like deleting any file in Windows 7 either by hitting the ‘Del’ key or right clicking and selecting ‘Delete’. Cheers.

How To Generate Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report In Windows 7

Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report
Here’s how to generate Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report in Windows 7: 1. Go to ‘Menu>All Programs>Accessories’, right click ‘Command Prompt’ and select ‘Run as administrator’. 2. Type in the following command: powercfg -energy -output energy.html 3. The utility will analyze the system for 60 seconds and generate a Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report...

How To Make Windows 7 Boot Faster

How To Make Windows 7 Boot Faster
Here’s how to make Windows 7 boot faster: 1. Press ‘Windows’ + ‘R’ keys to bring up ‘Run’ dialog box. Type in ‘msconfig’ and hit enter. 2. In ‘System Configuration’ window, click on ‘Boot>Advanced options…’ 3. Now, check the ‘Number of processors:’ option and select the maximum number of cores available...

How To Enable Check Boxes In Windows 7 Explorer

How To Enable Check Boxes in Windows 7 Explorer
Here’s how to enable check boxes in Windows 7 Explorer: 1. Launch Windows Explorer by pressing ‘Windows’ + ‘E’ key. 2. Click on ‘Organize>Folder and search options’. 3. Click on ‘View’ and check the option ‘Use check boxes to select items’. Click ‘OK’ when done. 4. Just hover the pointer over a folder / file and the...

How To View And Remove Installed Updates In Windows 7

Removing installed updates
While troubleshooting Windows issues, it may be necessary to view the list of all installed updates and remove a recently installed Windows update in order to roll back the changes. To do this : 1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features. 2. Select the “View installed updates” option. 3. Click on the specific update to be removed from the list which is displayed category wise and...

How To Disable Snap In Windows 7

Disable windows snap
Windows 7 by default comes with the Snap feature enabled which automatically resizes open windows when they are dragged to extreme corners of the screen. This comes in handy when sizing windows quickly or keeping open windows side by side for comparison. However, in order to turn this feature off : 1. Open Control Panel > Ease Of Access Center. 2. Select Make it easier to focus on tasks. 3. Enable...