How To Quickly Know Your GPU Details In Windows

How To Quickly Know Your GPU Details In Windows
Here’s how to quickly know your GPU details in Windows: 1. Go to and click on the latest version of GPU-Z. 2. Click on the file name of the latest version of GPU-Z to download it to your PC. 3. Run the downloaded GPU-Z executable. 4. The GPU-Z program will show you the details of your graphics card. You can click on the camera icon to save a screenshot...

How To Enable Single Key Shortcuts In Opera 11.6 Browser

How To Enable Single Key Shortcuts In Opera 11.6 Browser
Here’s how to enable single key shortcuts in Opera 11.6 browser: 1. Click on ‘Opera>Settings>Preferences…’ 2. Click on ‘Advanced>Shortcuts’ and check the option ‘Enable single-key shortcuts’. Click ‘OK’ when done. 3. The following single key shortcuts will become available in Opera 11.6 browser –

How To Increase The Number Of Recent Programs Displayed In Windows Start Menu

When using quite a few programs on a daily basis, it becomes time consuming to locate them from Start Menu and run them. To avoid this, it is possible to increase the number of recent programs displayed in the Start Menu. Here is how : 1. Right click on Taskbar and select Properties. 2. In the Start Menu tab, choose Customize tab. 3. Increase the number of recently accessed programs as per preferences...

How To Launch Explorer With A Single Pane In Windows 7

Here’s how to launch explorer with a single pane in Windows 7: 1. Press ‘Windows’ + ‘E’ keys to launch windows explorer. 2. Click ‘Organize>Layout’ and uncheck the ‘Navigation pane’. 3. That’s it! Now whenever you launch windows explorer by pressing ‘Windows’ + ‘E’ keys, it will be launched with a single pane.

How To Add ‘Run’ Command To Windows 7 Start Menu

Here’s how to add the ‘Run’ command to the Windows 7 start menu: 1. Right click the taskbar and select ‘Properties’. 2. Click on ‘Start Menu’ tab and then click the ‘Customize…’ button. 3. Scroll down and check the option ‘Run command’. Click ‘OK’ when done. 4. Click ‘OK’ to close the ‘Taskbar and...

How To Customize The Quick Access Toolbar In Office 2007

Here’s how to customize the Quick Access Toolbar in Office 2007: 1. In the Office 2007 application that you use, click on ‘Office Button>(Office 2007 Application Name) Options’. For e.g. in Excel 2007, we would need to click ‘Office 2007>Excel Options’. 2. Click ‘Customize’. Now select the command you want to add to the Quick Access Toolbar and click...