Add Different Effects To Video Playback In VLC Player

VLC player comes with a bunch of cool effects that can be added to a video playback. Here is how to enable them : From the main interface, go to Tools > Effects and Filters. Then, under the Video Effects tab, scroll right to the Advanced tab. Here, there will be various effects that can be added to a video like Motion detect, Water effect, Psychedelic and so on. The video with Psychedelic and...

How To Automatically Pause VLC Player On Minimizing

VLC player logo
VLC Player has a setting for automatically pausing video/audio files whenever it is minimized. This is a useful feature when switching between tasks or in case of interruption. Here is how to enable it : Go to Tools > Preferences In the Interface section, enable the tick mark next to “Pause playback when minimized”. That’s it. From now on, all the open video and audio files in...

How To Change The Menu Interface Language In VLC Player

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The popular VLC media player by default comes with English as the interface language. Here is how to change it to a language of your choice : 1. Open Tools > Preferences. 2. Under the Interface section, select a preferred language from the drop down box next to option of “Menus language”. 3. After selecting, hit Save. The change would take place on restarting VLC player with the menu...

Play Movies With Different Subtitles in VLC

For playing a single movie but with different subtitles each time,do the following : Open VLC media player,go to Media > Advanced Open File. Over there,select the path where the movie file is stored and below that the source path of the subtitles file.Make sure that the Use A Subtitles file is checked. Once both are selected,hit the Play button and enjoy that movie with subtitles. Enjoy 🙂