Quickly Find Out Kernel Details In Linux Mint/Ubuntu

Finding out kernel details in Linux Mint/Ubuntu system
Here is a quick way to get the kernel details (name, version and release info) for a specific Ubuntu / Linux Mint system : Open Terminal and type : uname -s -v -r This command also comes in handy when wanting to find out the type of processor, hardware and the operating system for a given system. To do that, type : uname -m -p -i -o

Quickly Zip And Unzip Files Using Linux Mint/Ubuntu Terminal

Here is how to quickly zip and unzip files using Linux Mint/Ubuntu terminal : 1. Install zip and unzip if not present by typing : sudo apt-get install zip sudo apt-get install unzip 2. Once installed, to compress files or folders in .zip format, type : zip nameoftargetziparchive *   This will put all the files from current directory into the archive named docs as specified and saved as docs.zip. To...