How To Change Lock Screen Background In Ubuntu

Here is how to change the lock screen display picture in Ubuntu : Right click on desktop and choose ” Change Desktop Background”. There will be two panes visible : Background and Lock Screen. Click on “Lock Screen”. Scroll through the backgrounds and choose the one needed, finally hit “Select”. All done. The new background will now be active for the lock screen.  

How To Restore Ubuntu After Reinstalling Windows

advanced options for boot-repair tool in Ubuntu
In a dual boot system with Windows and Ubuntu , it may happen that once Windows is reinstalled, the Ubuntu loader (Grub) which gives a choice to select between Ubuntu and Windows at startup will no longer be available and the system will directly boot to Windows. This is because Windows boot loader will replace Grub and so existing Ubuntu install will no longer be accessible. To restore Ubuntu, grub...

How To Quickly Remove Obsolete PPAs In Ubuntu/Linux Mint

List available third party PPAs
When installing third party applications in Ubuntu / Linux Mint, one needs to specifically first add the PPAs (Personal Packaging Archives) and then install the related required applications. Now over a course of time, it may happen that these added PPAs may become obsolete or are simply no longer existent. This will cause errors when updating Linux Mint/Ubuntu systems as the updates won’t be...

How To View CPU And Memory Usage Graphically In Ubuntu / Linux Mint

CPU, memory and network usage info in System Monitor
Just like Microsoft Windows has it’s default task manager that can display list of runninng services, utilization of CPU and memory as well as other system resources, Ubuntu / Linux Mint too comes with it’s own task manager. It is termed “System Monitor” and can be easily used to view how much RAM, CPU and what kind of processes are running in an easy to view graphical format. To...

Quickly Test The Quality Of Internet Connection

Running the internet connection quality test
For a stable internet connection, jitter factor should be as low as possible. Simply put, this means that the internet connection with low latency are the ones with low jitter and one with high latency have high jitter. Such high latency/jitter connections can have a significant degrading impact on many bandwidth hungry applications including VOIP programs like Skype, online gaming, multimedia streaming...

A Simple Linux Shell Script To Export WordPress MySQL Database

WordPress logo
One of the earlier posts explained how to backup WordPress databases directly through the Linux Terminal. Here is an example of a simple shell script that will ask for the password of MySQL user that has access to the particular WordPress MySQL database to be exported and  dump it into the the directory specified . (To know what are Linux shell scripts and how to make them, please refer to the basic...