How To Remove Unnecessary Apps From Twitter

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It is important to know which third party apps are authorized and connected to your Twitter account for privacy and safety reasons. So, removing / revoking these apps regularly if not used is one way of safeguarding Twitter usage. Here is how to do this : Go to Twitter settings by clicking on user logo at top right and choosing “Settings”. Scroll down to “Apps” tab and click...

7 Ways To Effectively Search Twitter

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Finding anything on Twitter can be made easy by using some of the many available search operators. Here are some tips to use search effectively in Twitter (this example uses the search term “blue sky” to demonstrate various features): 1. Broad search : This is the default search option. Searching for blue sky will display all results that contain these phrases 2. Using OR : To search...

How To Unsend Direct Messages In Twitter

Direct  messages (DM) sent through Twitter can be unsent. Here is how : Login to Twitter and click on the envelope icon next to search box. From the list of messages, click on the message that needs to be unsent. Hover the pointer next to message and click on the trash can icon that appears. From the bottom of message, click Delete. What this will do is delete the message from the sender’s...

How To Increase Twitter Privacy

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One of the earlier articles described how to turn off photo tagging in Twitter. Besides that, Twitter privacy settings also provide control over various other settings like email discoverability, location settings, tailored Tweets and so on. To do this, login to Twitter and click the gear icon on top right. Then select “Settings”. Go to “Security and privacy” tab. Now, enable...

A List Of Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Twitter keyboard shortcuts
Here is how to get the list of keyboard shortcuts available in Twitter : From the Twitter account, click on the gear icon on top right and select “Keyboard shortcuts”. This will bring up the list of the keyboard shortcuts. Happy Tweeting.