Tetris In Real Life

Playing Tetris is fun, even in real life. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : gifsec ]

Play These 5 Classic Video Games Directly From Any Web Browser

Relive the olden days of video games which were side-scrollers, single screen and even early FPS genre by playing them directly from any web browser. Archive.org has many popular video games from the past which can be run directly from any web browser. The way this works is by launching DOSBox emulator from within the browser. Once the game is launched, some files will be downloaded. After that ,...

Tetris: One Of The Most Popular Games Of All Time

Play tetris, one of the most popular games of all time. The purpose of the game is to rotate and arrange the falling blocks without gaps to form a horizontal line. As soon as a line is formed, it disapperars. However, if the stack of blocks reaches the top, no new block will enter and game will be over. Click here to play.