When Computer Keeps Freezing : Funny

When computer keeps freezing : funny
Use a knife of course and then call tech support. 🙂

When Tech Support Meets Feng Shui

When tech support meets Feng Shui
Harmony all around. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Brainstuck ]

Efficient Tech Support : Funny

Efficient tech support explained
Shut up and reboot. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

Time Spent On Tech Support Calls : Explained

Time spent with tech support explained
Please turn it off and back on. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]

Computer Repair Explained

Computer repairs explained
Why computers are taken to computer repair shop explained. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]

Tech Support Irony Explained

Tech support irony
The irony. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Failblog ]