How To Disable Location Tracking By Websites In SRWare Iron

Disable location tracking in SRWare Iron
Here is how to disable location tracking by websites when using SRWare Iron : 1. Click on the wrench icon and select “Options”. 2. Select “Content settings” from “Under the hood” section. 3. Scroll down to “Location” section and select “Do not allow any site to track my physical location”. All done. [To do the same in Mozilla Firefox, check...

How To Customize Fonts In SRWare Iron / Google Chrome

If the default font size as well as type is not what you want when using SRWare Iron or Google Chrome , then here is how to customize (this example uses SRWare Iron) : 1. Left click on the wrench icon and select Options. 2. Navigate to “Under the hood” and choose “Customize fonts” in the Web content section. For Google Chrome, this can be found as “Change font and language...

How To Automatically Clear Cookies In Google Chrome

Here is how to clear cookies and local data stored from websites visited whenever Google Chrome / SRWare Iron is closed : 1. Left click on the wrench icon and select “Options”. Then select  “Under the Hood >”Content settings”. 2. Enable the tick mark next to option “Clear cookies and other site data when I close my browser”. All done.