Understanding Different Social Media Networks : Funny

Difference between different social media networks : funny
Using a donut as an example, here is how to know the difference between Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. 🙂

The Era Before Social Media

before social media : funny
The days of the past. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Urbanlibrarian ]

Facebook In The Future : Interesting

Facebook in the future : interesting
Something to think about. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : The metapicture ]

Attention All Facebook Addicts!

For all Facebook addicts
No Facebook-ing while walking!

Twitter Trends : Explained

The cycle repeats all over. 🙂

Facebook v/s Google + : Explained

Facebook v/s Google + : Explained
Makes sense. 🙂   [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]