Download And Use The Official PuTTY App For Windows

It’s here. The classic SSH client app PuTTY is now officially available as a Windows app, with version 0.76 being the first release. With PuTTY, you can log in remotely to different computers (usually through SSH) and manage them. Installing PuTTY for Windows: To download and use it for Windows, open the Microsoft Store and search for PuTTY. Alternatively, open the app link from here to have...

How To Install And Use PuTTY In Ubuntu 12.04/Linux Mint 13

How To Install And Use PuTTY In Linux Mint / Ubuntu
Here’s how to use PuTTY in  Ubuntu 12.04 / Linux Mint 13: 1. Issue the following command at the terminal – sudo apt-get install putty 2. After the installation is complete, click on ‘Menu>Internet>PuTTY SSH Client’. 3. Enjoy PuTTY in Linux Mint / Ubuntu.