The Worst Thing To Happen During A Zombie Apocalypse

Worst thing to happen during a zombie apocalypse
The worst part would be : 馃檪 聽 [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]

Girls Who Like Nerds : Explained

Girls who like nerds ; graphically explained
Remarkably accurate observation. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : iheartfunny ]

A Guide To Buying Video Games : Funny Flowchart

Funny flowchart for buying video games
Nice and clear. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy :脗聽Graphjam ]

Spotting A Nerd鈥檚 Home Explained

Nerd's home funny pic
Mathematics. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : Motifake ]

Batman Trivia Explained

Batman franchise trivia explained
Here it is. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]

Reality : The Most Boring Game Ever

Reality the game
This is a really really boring game. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : Motivateusnot ]