Watch Star Wars From Linux Mint / Ubuntu Terminal

Star Wars logo
Here is how to watch the ASCII version of Star Wars right from the Linux Mint / Ubuntu Terminal : Open Terminal and type : telnet Sit back, relax and watch the entire Star Wars story in ASCII. 🙂   The awesome site that made this possible is here. Kudos to them! Enjoy. 🙂

How To Save Web Pages As Text Files Through Linux Mint / Ubuntu Terminal

An earlier post referred to using Lynx as a text browser to surf the internet. Here is one another reason due to which Lynx is awesome, it can directly browse a specified website address and download the entire page as a text file. It is very simple to use Lynx to download a web page as text and list all the web links present on the page. To do this : 1. Open Terminal and type lynx -dump [web address]...