Friendly Automatic Doors : Funny

Automatic doors are so friendly. They always invite you in. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : xkcd ]

Employees V/s Livestock

Employees V/s Livestock
Explained. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

Tennis Match V/s Stock Market Explained

Tennis match v/s stock market
Watching a tennis match v/s a stock market session. 馃檪

Deep Understanding Vs Laziness

Deep understanding vs laziness
They both look the same. 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

How To Choose Your Major In College : A Funny Flowchart

A funny flowchart guide for choosing the right subject to major in college 馃檪 [ Image courtesy : Mad Minerva ]

Funny Warning For Trespassers

Here鈥檚 a funny warning for trespassers: 聽