Directly Add Website Shortcuts To Desktop Using Google Chrome

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Google Chrome can create website shortcuts directly on desktop. These shortcuts can open as a new window if needed. Here’s how to make them : From the Chrome address bar, click on the 3 dots and choose More tools. Next, click on Add to desktop. Choose the shortcut name and if it is to be launched in a separate Chrome window by enabling Open as window. Finally, click Add. The website shortcut...

Auto Resolve Typos Of Web Addresses When Using Google Chrome

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Google search returns accurate results even when searches phrases are mistyped. Google Chrome canĀ resolve spelling errors when typing web addresses by using this same spell check features. This feature by default is disabled in Chrome but can be enabled if needed. To do this : Access Chrome settings by typing in the address bar : chrome://settings Go to Settings and enable the tick next to Use a web...

Mute Audio Directly From Tabs In Google Chrome

Web pages with audio content can be directly muted through the speaker icon in tab when using Mozilla Firefox. When using Google Chrome though, this feature is not enabled by default. However it can be activated if needed. Here is how : First, type in : chrome://flags Next, bring up the search box within Chrome through Ctrl+F and type in “audio”. Scroll to Tab audio muting UI control....

How To Use Google Chrome As A Calculator

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Google Chrome can perform calculations directly from the address bar. It can convert distance, temperature, perform arithmetic functions and so on. To know how many kilometers from a specific number of miles : To convert a km in miles : To find the square root of a number : To convert temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa : To find a square of any number : The auto suggest options...

Quickly View Cached Web Pages When Using Google Chrome

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Google Chrome and Chromium based browsers can automatically fetch cached web pages if needed without using any third party add-ons. To view cached version of any website : Type the address of that website preceded by cache: This will display the cached version of that page. [By the way, here is how to view cached and deleted/offline webpages in Firefox ] Happy surfing.

How To Set Multiple Home Pages In Google Chrome

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Setting multiple home pages can be a great way to save time when browsing specific sites regularly as these web sites are automatically loaded every time a browser is launched. Here is how to set multiple home pages in Google Chrome : 1. Click the wrench icon and select “Settings”. 2. Under the section of “On startup”, enable the option “Open a specific page or set of...