The Two States Of IT Pros: Funny

An accurate description of IT pros. 馃檪 [Image courtesy: memesfunny]

When Working With Computers: Funny

This is good advise. Computers can smell fear and impatience and could hang. 馃檪 [Image courtesy: hahahumor ]

A Macbook That Supports Windows: Funny

A Macbook that supports Windows. 馃檪 [Image courtesy: imgflip]

The No Internet Connection Struggle: Funny

No Internet connection makes for a better gamer. 馃檪 [Image courtesy: steemit]

Web Developer Annoyances: Funny

Web developers would find this annoying. 馃檪 [Image courtesy: xkcd]

How To Use Different Social Media Apps: Funny

An accurate list of how different social media apps are used. 馃檪 [Image courtesy: cheezburger]