Life Of Mario : Funny

Isn’t Mario awesome? 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Memebase ]

Skyrim Drinking Rules

Skyrim Drinking Rules
Skyrim Drinking Rules 😀

A Gaming Geek’s View On Life

How a gaming geek views life
A gaming geek’s perspective on life 🙂 : [ Image courtesy : Imgace]

How Gaming Addicts Think : Explained

Video gaming addiction
So very true. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Crazyasabagofhammers ]

Awesome Contra Sweater

Contra sweater
Brings back old memories of playing Contra. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Random funny picture ]  

A Gaming Geek’s Bed

Gamer's bed
Here is what it looks like. Pretty cool. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Tumblr]