How To Use Cats As Infinite Energy Generators

A remarkable solution to using infinite energy. 馃檪

The Two States Of IT Pros: Funny

An accurate description of IT pros. 馃檪 [Image courtesy: memesfunny]

When Working With Computers: Funny

This is good advise. Computers can smell fear and impatience and could hang. 馃檪 [Image courtesy: hahahumor ]

Receiving Mails: Then vs Now

So true. 馃檪 [Image courtesy: Twitter]

How To Fix A Down Server: Funny

Here is how to fix a down server. Give it some pep talk and encouragement. 馃檪 [Image courtesy: memedroid]

Reasons To Update Software: Funny

The main reason to update software : those constant update reminders. 馃檪 [Image courtesy: Spiceworks]