A Real Mobile Phone : Funny

This is what a real mobile phone looks like. 🙂 GIFSec.com [ Image courtesy : gifsec / funny-pictures-blog ]

How To Be ‘Manager Of The Year’ : Funny

Here is a great way to be a likable manager. Even more so if you manage a bunch of geeks. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

Managers V/s Engineers Explained

Managers v/s engineers
Simple and elegant. 🙂 [Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

The Purpose Of World Of Warcraft

This explains a lot 🙂 [ Image courtesy : http://funnyjunk.com ]

The Secret Of Advertising

It is all in the presentation 🙂 [Image source : http://www.demotivatedphotos.com]

Some Funny Geek Pics

Here are some really funny geek humor pics [All pictures are courtesy of www.pcsympathy.com] Ctrl – C and Ctrl – V would make awesome nicknames for the above two.   🙂 Pretty self explanatory but dated – nowadays more freedom due to wireless gaming controllers. These two guys in above pics give a new meaning to the phrase – glued to the computer.  🙂 This is what...