How To Turn Off Firefox Sync For Specific Devices

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When Firefox syncing is enabled, bookmarks, open tabs, logins, history and add-ons will be available on various other devices which are added to the sync list. This is handy for ensuring a consistent cross-platform browsing experience. As long as Firefox is installed on different devices with the same account login, this data can be synced. However, it may happen that a device is now no longer used...

How To Prevent Bookmarked And Stored Websites From Showing Up In Firefox When Typing Web Addresses

When typing name of websites in location bar in Firefox, by default it will show a list of similar named websites from history as well as from the bookmarks list. To prevent these sites from showing up : 1. Click on Edit > Preferences in Linux based Firefox (or Tools > Options in Windows based Firefox). 2. Select the Privacy tab and under the Location bar section, change the option “When...

How To Prevent Firefox 5 From Storing History Of Visited Websites

Firefox 5 options
Here is how to prevent Firefox from remembering your website history : 1. Select Tools > Options. 2. Under Privacy tab, select Never remember history and click Ok. From now on, Firefox 5 will stop remembering your visited websites list. By the way, if you like using add-ons, here is a cool add-on that does the above and some more. Cheers.

How To Configure Firefox To Always Run In Private Browsing Mode

Mozilla Firefox (3.5 onwards) has a cool feature that can allow one to surf the internet even on a shared computer and leave no trace behind (history, cookies etc). This is called Private Browsing feature and is useful when a single login id is being used to access Firefox and other applications on a computer. It can be enabled by simply hitting Ctrl + Shift + P or through Tools > Start Private...