How To Prevent Bookmarked And Stored Websites From Showing Up In Firefox When Typing Web Addresses

When typing name of websites in location bar in Firefox, by default it will show a list of similar named websites from history as well as from the bookmarks list. To prevent these sites from showing up : 1. Click on Edit > Preferences in Linux based Firefox (or Tools > Options in Windows based Firefox). 2. Select the Privacy tab and under the Location bar section, change the option “When...

How To Quickly Delete Browsing History In Firefox By Just One Click

Preferences in Click&Clean
Click&Clean is a really cool Firefox add-on which will delete entire browsing history and other private data all with a single click. To install it, download it from here. Once installed, it doesn’t automatically show up in Firefox so it needs to be added to the browser window. To do this : 1. Select View > Toolbars > Customize. 2. Drag the blue icon so that it is now next to Firefox...

How To Change Firefox Update Settings To Stop Downloading Updates Automatically

Firefox update settings
Firefox by default checks for updates and downloads them automatically if they are available. This may often slow down overall web browsing because of downloading the updates in background at times without knowing about it. One way to avoid this is to change the update settings so that you are prompted whenever new Firefox updates are available for download. To change this update settings : 1. Click...

How To Enable Session Restore In Firefox

Firefox session restore preferences
Firefox comes with the useful option of remembering previously opened windows and tabs when it was closed. So say instead of using a home page that shows up every time Firefox is launched, it is possible to load the regular previously visited websites directly. This is done by configuring session restore. To do this : 1. Select Edit > Preferences > General in Linux version of Firefox or Tools...

How To Prevent Firefox 5 From Storing History Of Visited Websites

Firefox 5 options
Here is how to prevent Firefox from remembering your website history : 1. Select Tools > Options. 2. Under Privacy tab, select Never remember history and click Ok. From now on, Firefox 5 will stop remembering your visited websites list. By the way, if you like using add-ons, here is a cool add-on that does the above and some more. Cheers.

How To Manually Set Cache Size In Firefox 5

Firefox logo
Web caching in general refers to temporarily storing of web pages, images and other web elements on local computer for a faster user experience when these elements are accessed again. Hence all browsers keep cache files which often tend to grow to a large size if not properly cleaned or managed. For Firefox 5, it is possible to manage the size of cache files manually. To do this : 1. Select Tools >...