A Quick Guide To Using DNF For Package Management In Fedora

It is usually much quicker to install, remove or update packages from Linux command line after using it for a while. There will be similar package management features for various distributions regardless of how different the distributions are. Let’s take a quick look at basic package management commands when using a non Debian distribution like Fedora (which is based on Red Hat). Just like the...

Mousepad : A Lightweight Text Editor For Fedora Linux

Mousepad text editor for Fedora Linux
Mousepad is a lightweight and minimal text editor available for Fedora Linux. Here is how to install it in Fedora : 1. Open Terminal and type : sudo yum install mousepad.i686 2. Let the installation complete. It will now show up in Applications > Accessories or simply search for it from “Activities”. Happy text editing.

How To Install JDownloader In Fedora

Here is how to install the super useful JDownloader in Fedora 16 : 1. Open Terminal and using wget, download the JDownloader installer shell script : wget http://installer.jdownloader.org/jd_unix_0_9.sh 2. Once downloaded, make it executable before running it : chmod a+x jd_unix_0_9.sh 3. Finally, run it and follow the wizard that is launched for JDownloader installation to complete : ./jd_unix_0_9.sh All...