Gates Vs. Jobs

Gates vs. Jobs πŸ˜€ [Courtesy –]

Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Discuss Windows 7

Here’s Steve Jobs and Bill Gates talking about Windows 7 πŸ˜‰

Bill Ballmer A.K.A Morphed Bill Gates

Somethings when viewed for the first time are just downright scary even if not real like the below pic. Nice fake though πŸ˜‰ [View original] [Image source –]

Michael Jordan Vs. Bill Gates

Michael Jordan Vs. Bill Gates: [Image source –]

Bill Jobs And Steve Gates

Bill Jobs and Steve Gates: [Image source –]

Vintage Bill Gates Pics

Here are some classic Bill G picsΒ  when computers resembled typewriters and floppies were the in-thing. [Image courtesy :] [Image courtesy –] The above pic we kid you not is in reference to a survey done in China among women aged between 25 – 35 about the most desirable sperm, Bill G came in 2nd in the poll results πŸ™‚ Moral of the story : Geeks...