Pac-Xon Game: Pacman Strikes Back

Pac-Xon is a fun and addictive game where you need to build walls in order to fill empty space with blocks. But you need to avoid the moving ghosts from touching the Pacman or else you lose a life. Also, the ghosts should not touch the wall while it is being built by the Pacman or else you lose a life and the wall is also destroyed. However, you can trap a ghost by building a wall around him. Keep...

Bullshit Bingo For Geeks (-: Funniest Game Ever :-)

If your company loves corporate language more than it’s hard working geeky employees, then bullshit bingo is for you. Here how to play this funny game: 1. Go to 2. You will see a bullshit bingo card like this on the screen- 3. Print the bullshit bingo card and refresh the page. After the page is refreshed a new card will be generated. Print the new...

Mystic Temple: An Excellent Puzzle Game

Mystic Temple is an excellent puzzle game. The objective is to get through a maze of rooms. Use cursor keys to move around and pick up spheres to clear obstacles. After all the spheres are picked, the room is unlocked and allows you proceed to the next room. Click here to play.

ABC Wordgame: A Simple And Addictive Game

ABC wordgame is a simple yet addictive game. You need to click the letters of the word displayed in correct order before time runs out. If you click any incorrect letter, you will need to start again. However, game is over if you run out of time. Click here to play.

Adrenoid: A Great Breakout Clone

Adrenoid is a great clone of the popular arcade classic game Breakout. The objective is to destroy all the bricks on the screen using a paddle and a ball. Use the mouse to control the paddle. Click here to play.

Space Invaders: Great Grandfather of All Scrolling Space Shooters

This is a clone of Space Invaders which perhaps the great grandfather of all scrolling space shooters. The objective is simple. Keep on killing the waves of enemies and don’t get killed. Click here to play.