Samsung ATIV Book 9 (NP900X4C) – Features And Tech Specifications

Samsung ATIV Book 9 (NP9004XC)
  The Samsung Series 9 NP900X4C-A01US 15.0-Inch Ultrabook (Ash Black)is a good choice for portable computing. It’s ultra sleek chassis has a nice integration with extremely slim components like LCD panel, fan and memory. making it a breeze to use and carry. It consists of many impressive features like : Sidesync : Seamlessly sync files between phone and PC by Samsung Sidesync. Copying...

How To Run Android Apps On PC

BlueStacks App Player boot up
It can be a good idea to first test Android apps somewhere in a sandbox instead of installing them directly on the mobile devices like cellphones or tablets. Bluestacks is an Android emulator which is currently in beta and free to use which can run any of the available Android apps right from the PC. (Similar to what virtual machines do). There are also Bluestacks app players like

How To Watch Streaming Movies And Access Shared Folders From Android

Movie being streamed and played from shared network folder to Android device
Here is a simple way to access shared folders and watch movies on Android devices when these folders are available on LAN/network share : 1. Download the very useful ES File Explorer File Manager app from Google Play. It is free and awesome. 2. Next, make sure that the folders that need to be accessed are shared and available on LAN. 3. From Android device, launch ES File Explorer, go to Network >...

How To Use JuiceSSH For Android Devices

Remote server terminal access through JuiceSSH
JuiceSSH is a free and useful Android app that can make managing Linux servers easy through ssh. It serves same function as Putty in accessing remote servers from Windows or Linux systems. Install it from here or search for “Juice SSH” within Google Play from within the Android based mobile device / tablet. After installation, access JuiceSSH through the cool lemon icon and select “Connections”...