A First Look at Proton Docs

Proton Docs is a newly launched online collaborative document editor by Proton focusing on safeguarding your privacy. It is available as a part of Proton Drive.

To access it, login to Proton Mail and click the Proton applications icon to select Proton Drive.

accessing proton drive

Then from Proton Drive, click the +New button and select New document.

proton docs is a part of proton drive

This will open a blank document for your editing. There are no built-in templates or an option to see the word count, but the Proton Docs editor is very minimalistic with an emphasis on distraction-free writing.

proton docs interface

Various editing functions including fonts, color palettes, image insertion, and more are on the top row of the editor.

menu editor in proton docs

The created documents using Proton Docs will automatically be saved in Proton Drive. You can share it by clicking the Share button from the editor or the Proton Drive by right-clicking the document.

sharing from within the editor

sharing from proton drive

Add the collaborators with whom you want to share the document and assign them as either Viewer or Editor.

adding collaborators in proton docs

To add a comment inside the document, select the section/word/sentence and click on the + button that pops up.

adding a comment in proton docs

Add the comment in the comment box and click the up arrow.

comment box in proton docs

The comment will be displayed on the right and the commented portion will be highlighted in yellow in the document.

highlighted section of proton docs along with the comment

To delete it or mark it resolved, click the dots icon next to the comment box.

You can download the created document in any of the following formats: MS Word, HTML, plain text, or Markdown.

download proton docs documents as word, html, txt or markdown

Overall, if you are looking for a more privacy-focused basic online editor, you can give Proton Docs a try.

proton docs interface

Its minimal interface and distraction-free environment make it useful for writing documents if you do not need the extra features available in other online flagship document editors like Google Docs.

Happy writing and publishing.

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