How to Set Data Limits in Windows 11

The data limit feature in Windows 11 is a useful feature that allows users to set a cap on the amount of data their device can use over a certain period, typically a month. This feature is particularly beneficial for users on metered connections, such as mobile data plans or limited broadband plans, where exceeding the data limit could result in additional charges or reduced speeds.

Here is how to configure these limits:

Open Settings (Win key + I) > Network & internet.

accessing windows 11 network settings

Scroll down to Advanced network settings.

advanced network settings in windows 11

From the More settings section, click on Data usage.

data usage settings in windows 11

This shows the current data usage for the month and also gives a breakdown of data usage per app. To set a limit, click on the Enter limit button.

data usage per app and total monthly usage in windows 11

The limit type is Monthly by default.

setting a data limit in windows 11

You can change it to Daily, Weekly, One time, and Unlimited.

changing the data limit period in windows 11

Change the data usage reset cycle date, and enter the data limit. If you don’t want data limits, choose the Unlimited option.

choose reset or unlimited data usage

Also, when a limit is set, Windows 11 will show the usage details and the number of days left till the cycle resets.

data usage limit enabled in windows 11

At any time, you can edit these limits or remove them. By the way, this feature is also available in Windows 10, and here is how to use it.

All done.

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