How to Enable Temporary Chat in ChatGPT 

ChatGPT has an option of enabling temporary chat. This is like enabling incognito mode in which it won’t remember your chat history or use the chat content to train the ChatGPT model. 

ChatGPT regular chat mode

Here is how to enable it: 

Login to your ChatGPT account and click on the ChatGPT drop-down from the top.

ChatGPT temporary chat mode settings

This will show the option of enabling Temporary chat. Enable it. When enabling it for the first time, ChatGPT will list all the things that it will not do with the temporary chats.

ChatGPT temporary chat features

This includes not storing them in your chat history and not using them for training purposes. 

When enabled, the ChatGPT prompt window will be listed as Temporary Chat and anything you type or ask will not show up in your chat history. 

ChatGPT temporary chat prompt

Also, should you choose to export your ChatGPT data, you can also do that. Here is how to get started with it. 

All done. 

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